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June 12, 2017
Pro CAD Auto Design Software

Automotive tier one suppliers and OEMs can accelerate system design, avoiding development and verification delays, with the automotive-grade hardware, optimized software, and IP from Mentor Graphics and the newly acquired expertise of XS Embedded that is part of the Mentor family.

Mentor Embedded Hypervisor can be used to provide the necessary security, isolation, and updatability of applications to meet the demands of consumer application integration into infotainment systems. In addition, the AUTOSAR, ADAS, digital cluster and infotainment software and design services from Mentor can help meet the growing trend of integration of ADAS, driver information and infotainment domains.

Deliver responsive and dynamic 2D and 3D graphical experiences for next generation clusters.

Mentor Graphics has developed close partnerships with technology leaders.

XSe automotive grade near A-sample reference ASXB(tm) hardware, optimized SuperBSP(tm) Linux operating system, and OPTstack(tm) audio and video middleware ready to support Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), Driver Information and Infotainment development. The platform includes GENIVI-compliant interfaces for high-quality graphics, multi-screen support, domain-specific multi-channel audio, multimedia, mobile device integration and connectivity common in advanced automotive designs.

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Auto Design Album Design Software
Auto Design Album Design Software
Auto Design
Auto Design
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